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My passion for German Shepherd Dogs started in 1983. Nobody in our family ever had dogs, that's why my passion (and passion was the right word from the very beginning) did not find any support or understanding from my parents and other relatives. However, against the will of my parents, on the 7th of February 1984 I brought home my first puppy named Yagray. He was bought for 60 rubles (quite a price for those times!) in the only dog club in town and was a Russian variation of a GSD - East European Shepherd - the only type of GSD available in my town at those times. Yagray developed into a strong male with a very nice character but poor show qualities. I could not sell this dog because I loved him. Also, I could not afford keeping more than one dog at the time. For eleven years my passion for GSDs concentrated on one dog. After his death in the end of 1994 I "returned" or, better say, "entered" the big world of GSDs. It was quite a shock for me - the GSDs in Russia changed dramatically, now they looked like GSDs in Western Germany, and I loved that look very much. The cold war was over, the "iron curtain" fell, now we had excess to international experience and beuatiful GSDs internationally. I was absolutely blown away by Jeck von Noricum, in my mind he had perfect looks, and, as I later discovered, perfect character. For myself I decided that if I ever come to be a breeder I would want to breed Jeck-like dogs :

In 1995 I went to Sieger show in Hamburg, Germany and baught a male puppy there from kennel "Bierstadter Hof" belonging to an SV judge Ruediger Mai. A dog named Rinos vom Bierstadter Hof (Xino von der hohen Erle x Rica von der Urbecke), grandson of my beloved Jeck, became my first real GSD. Though at the age of three years he suffered some infection disease and became sterile afterwards, he showed to me and my family members what a real GSD is. His lively and smart personality makes all people fell in love with him. He is the adoring "step father" and "nurse" for all puppies that are born in my kennel and when grown these dogs never forget Rinos and always turn to puppies behavior when they occasionally see him :).

The more I was involved with GSD the more I realized how right a famous German breeder I met at the Sieger show was. He said: "Don't try to buy a high class male puppy here in Germany. You can only breed such puppy yourself. Buy a FEMALE puppy and mate her with a nice male. This is the only way to get a dog of your dreams".

I finally followed that advice and in 1999 bought a female puppy Yoshida Van Noort (Mack von Aducht x Alke Van Noort) who became a founder of my kennel "Akselbrunnen". Currently all dogs from Akselbrunnen carry her blood. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ekaterina Bukarinova, breeder of Endrefalva kennel, who helped me to get a puppy from Van Noort kennel. Thanks to her good relations with Edzard Mueller, kennel owner, I was able to choose from five female puppies (in total there were 7 bitches in the litter, two of them were kept in the kennel). As Edzard Mueller confessed later I was lucky to choose the best one :) Yoshida comes out of a super producing bitch Alke Van Noort (mother of such famouse dogs as Xenius, Xanadu, Erasmus, Esto and Elliot Van Noort). Alke was among the first bitches who was mated to a young JHKL winner Mack von Aducht, Yoshida's father.

The first Yoshida's litter from VA Ghandi von Arlett exceeded all expectations. Three out of four puppies - Akselbrunnen Daggert, Donatella, and Dinastia - became super stars in Russia, and not only have brilliant show carriers (all of them received VA, Daggert and Dinastia - VA 1), but also produce very well. The forth dog in this litter - Dakota - is also a beautiful animal, but her owners are a bit lazy..

Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, I was not able to take Yoshida out to Germany for mating after that, and all other matings were not as perfect as the first one.

The second mating with Raudi von Oxalis (Dux della Valcuvia) was a mistake. He turned out to be not as beautiful as on the picture. There were three puppies born in this litter (all males) and, though their show prospective was not brilliant, they were lucky to get super owners! They turned into IPO training and succeeded in this sphere. I am grateful to "children" from this litter just because they let me establish "relative" connections to such people as the Petrovs family - Marina, Polina,and Sergey.

The third mating of Yoshida with Russian VA stud Konkord s Innokentjevskoy Slobody (Rob vom Salzgitter Milleue) resulted in three puppies (1 male 2 females). I kept one bitch - Walhalla - in the kennel. She inherits her father's type, I managed to improve what I wanted - size, temperament, coat, color in the black part (the yellow part could still be brighter), especially attractive are her movements.

The fourth mating of Yoshida was done in the South Korea with Zaco vom Haus Muelenfeld (Xandor v. Fortunahof's son), an extremely beautiful Belgian bred male full of charm. Zaco has VA in Korea, China and Japan. To my greatest regret only two female puppies were born and we hoped so much for males in this litter! One bitch - Yezhevika - lives in Cherepovets now and has a successful show career in that region, the other one - Yerofeja - lives in Kurgan. I think, Yerofeja resembles Zaco in some parts, but in general these bitches are not in his type.

The fifth Yoshida's mating with the Moscow stud Deco von der Noriswand (Euro Media) brought six puppies, unbelievably huge number for her :. By this mating I planned to improve the size (Deco is exactly 64 sm), the color and pigmentation (Deco is dark brown) and temperament. I also like Deco's mother, a VA bitch Amida Norden Stamm and, I think, one bitch turned out to be in her type :. I do believe that a stud's mother influences his progeny greatly. These puppies are still too small to make any projections, but, I hope, that little Zarus will grow up to be as famous as his half-brother Daggert :.

Big role in the development of my kennel was played by Akselbrunnen Donatella, a daughter of Yoshida and Ghandi von Arlett. Her first litter from Russian VA male Silber Wasserfal Mendeley (Flick von Windrose) brought us Akselbrunnen Bronza - a beautifully constructed female that resembles both Donatella and Yoshida. Her brother, Bundeswer, became a leading producer in Yakutia Republic. Unfortunately, he was traumatized when being a puppy and, therefore, can't participate in big shows.

Donatella's second litter from Russian VA stud Odin Gelezinis Vilkas (Lord von Georg Viktor Turm) brought three famouse dogs - Djek, Dania, and Delica, who keep winning Far Eastern shows.

Donatella's third mating was done in the South Korea with Kerry von der Zenteiche, a very "vatertypisch" Nero Noebachtal's son. These puppies are still young, but already hit the ground at the Russian Far East Sieger show in May 2006 - all three first places in bebi class were won by sisters from this litter - Jorjia, Jakarta, and Janfis. These bitches are absolutely in Nero's type! And I am very happy about that, since Nero is, to my mind, the most beautiful GSD among any GSD alive (regardless all these stupid events that brought him off stage).

The first litter of Akselbrunnen Dinastia, the other dauther of Yoshida and Ghandi, was also born in my kennel. The father of Gandia, the only pup born, was Zilber Wasserfal Mendeley. This puppy developed into a beautiful female that entered a VA class the next day she turned two years. Recently Natalia Kraskova, the owner of Dinastia, registered her own kennel named "Floreshal". Dinastia became the base mother of this young kennel and I am very proud of that. Though formally we have different kennels, we still plan our breeding programs together, discussing future matings and developing plans for hours :

In the fall of 2003 we moved from the apartment in the city to a house out in the country. Now I have much more opportunities for breeding :). I plan to further develop my kennel and try to produce beautiful dogs with strong character and lively temperament. We keep good relations with our colleagues in the South Korea, develop ways of "opening the gates' to China that imported a lot of good studs lately. Due to distant geographical position and absence of German Embassy in the region it's extremely hard for us to go to Germany for mating. But we don't give up. We are constantly looking for the ways out of this tough situation. Constantly search for studs that would fit our bitches perfectly. We do believe that we will make it. And look at every new litter with excitement and hope - may be this is it?...

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